The quality of laminates, bolts, galvanization and/or painting, package and welds is carefully checked in our internal laboratory. We can perform all the tests and inspections described in the Quality Control Plan as well as those requested by the customer.
Inspections are also carried out at third companies’ and on the building site.
The laboratory equipment is regularly calibrated.
At the time of delivery, C.M.T. provides a test report according to the customer’s requirements.

Here below is a detailed description of the available test-types:

  • Traction: yielding, breaking and lengthening of all profiles and laminates.
  • Wedge and plane breaking, cutting, hardness test and loading on nuts and bolts.
  • Hardness test: according to the Rockwell B and C, Brinell and Vickers method
  • Magnetoscopic and visual inspection: performed by qualified personnel following certified procedures.
  • Thickness test on painting and galvanization
  • Preece-test and adherence test on galvanization

All test results are filed and provided to the customer with the test report.
The personnel employed in the tests attends regular update courses, in order to achieve further qualifications and be able to meet any requirement.